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Wine Glasses

Light wine for Caribbean Charter Time!

Wine GlassesThere are some certainties when it comes to wine matching. One such truth is that a big, robust Californian Cabernet Sauvignon or South Australian Shiraz is a perfect match for filet mignon or barbecued ribs. Yet, whether it’s the warmth of such wines, the drying effect of the tannins or that attack of alcohol as you take your first sip, the word ‘refreshing’ is not one commonly attributed to these full bodied wines. They’re certainly not everyone’s dream partner to a hot afternoon relaxing in the sun onboard their Caribbean yacht charter.

In fact, in one of the wine world’s little ironies, most of these rich, heavy red (and, occasionally, white) wines that require a warm climate to even exist are best appreciated as the temperatures start to drop. Conversely, lighter styles of wines which come from cold climate regions guarantee a chill down the spine in the cooler months, yet offer a thirst quenching refreshment so welcome under the heat of the afternoon sun. Read More…


Christmas in the Caribbean

For those of you hoping to have a truly memorable Christmas or New Year holiday this year, why not consider embarking on the luxury yacht charter of a lifetime in the Caribbean, cruising the crystal clear seas of this exceptional part of the world?

Such an itinerary might not appeal to those hoping for a white Christmas, but when there is guaranteed sunshine, quality diving and a unique atmosphere, who needs snow? And in many parts of the Caribbean the sandy beaches are nearly as white as snow! Read More…

St.Vincent & Grenadines map

St.Vincent and Grenadines Yacht Charters

Enjoy a taste of paradise with a St Vincent & Grenadines Yacht Charter

StVincentGrenadines Sat

St.Vincent and Grenadines satellite image

Tucked away at the southern end of the Windward Islands, in the chain of the Lesser Antilles, the islands of St Vincent and Grenadines are the hidden gems of the Caribbean treasure chest for a luxury yacht charter. Being relatively unknown, and still lesser explored, they offer sights and sounds of the Caribbean that cannot be experienced anywhere else. A St Vincent Yacht Charter will provide you with a wonderful holiday full of lush green rainforests, silver beaches and blue waters, with strokes of luxury and adventure added in good measure. While tourists have only just discovered them, St Vincent and the Grenadines have long enjoyed a brimming population who’ve fostered the astounding natural beauty of the place while seamlessly turning it into a tourist hot-spot. With its mesmerizing marine life, perfect weather and perfect mix of tranquility and vibrancy, a yacht charter to St Vincent opens up possibilities of sailing, yachting, diving, snorkeling, trekking and living the good life like no other. Read More…


Antigua and Barbuda Yacht Charters

Enjoy a taste of paradise with an Antigua Yacht Charter.

English_Harbour_AntiguaWhen it comes to a luxury yacht charter, Antigua, in the Leeward Islands is one of the most sought after islands in the Caribbean. From its colonial history, Antigua has come a long way to become known as the preferred destination for a luxury beach holiday and as the starting point for chartering into Caribbean waters. Today, Antigua and the neighbouring island of Barbuda together offer a blend of luxury and leisure. The largest of the Leeward Islands, Antigua offers sophisticated amenities like 5-star hotels, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs & gambling casinos as well as adventures like diving, sailing, snorkelling and surfing. At the same time, parts of Antigua and Barbuda are reminiscent of the vast sugar plantations of yesteryears, lush rainforest-like greenery, scenic spots and magnificent beaches. Add to that a world famous harbour and sailing events round the year, Antigua is a yachting hot-spot you do not want to miss. Read More…

Martinique – the Cote d’Azur of the Caribbean

beach-112700_1280Situated between St Lucia and Dominica, the island of Martinique offers those on luxury yacht charter a breath of French air and for moments on your trip you might find it hard to believe you are in the Caribbean at all. Read More…

No Digital Detox on our Caribbean Yacht Charter

beach-84533_1280It has just been revealed that bespoke travel company Black Tomato has launched a ‘digital detox’ holiday package in the Caribbean to help people reduce their dependence on gadgets and technology.

Read More…

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