Italian Vs French Riviera Yacht Charter

sea-215324_1280Heading to the Mediterranean for a luxury yacht charter is an obvious choice in the summer, but where to go from there requires slightly more reflection.

Luxury yachts based in the Principality of Monaco have a number of excellent opportunities open to them, but one of the first factors to consider is whether you fancy Italian – or French?

So we have put together a list of the major differences we think there are between the French and Italian rivieras which might help you choose which direction to turn after leaving Port Hercules on your Monaco yacht charter.

  1. Scenery: If you turn left from Port Hercules on your Monaco yacht charter you will find yourself on the beautiful Italian Riviera, where the scenery is largely more rustic and less built up than the countryside in its French counterpart. But that doesn’t mean that it lacks any of the stunning scenery you find in France. Areas like Cinque Terre and the glamorous port of Portofino are some of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean coast, and well worth discovering on a luxury yacht charter.
  2. Food: Pizza, pasta or haute cuisine? That is a very crass generalization of the food that can be found in Italy and France, as in both countries the choice of restaurants is huge. But there is no getting away from the fact that in Italy, the pizzas are usually slightly superior to those you will find whilst chartering along the French coastline, but then, sweet pastries in France are hard to beat.
  3. People: Again, it is very hard to generalize about the people you might meet on a luxury yacht charter along the French and Italian rivieras except to say that in the former they will speak French and in the later, Italian. However, it is fair to say that more people along the French Riviera will have a grasp of English than their Italian neighbors, who however do have the reputation of being more welcoming than the French.
  4. Sights: Whilst on the French Rivera you will be spoiled for choice for art galleries and museums to visit, with the region having the highest density of art museums in the world. Sights worth visiting along the Italian Riviera, though perhaps less high brow, are no less beautiful with ancient civilizations to discover and colourful fishing villages.

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