Martinique – the Cote d’Azur of the Caribbean

beach-112700_1280Situated between St Lucia and Dominica, the island of Martinique offers those on luxury yacht charter a breath of French air and for moments on your trip you might find it hard to believe you are in the Caribbean at all.

The currency is the euro, you will find boulangeries selling croissants for breakfast and its inhabitants are fiercely proud of their French roots. But it’s definitely France with a creole twist – mixing the best of both worlds just waiting to be explored on Caribbean yacht charter.

Martinique is 50 miles long and 24 miles wide at its greatest length and width with a wonderfully rugged mountainous interior in the north of the island which lends itself to some adventurous day trips. Meanwhile the southern coast is dotted with a multitude of picturesque bays and coves which are ideal spots to stop and anchor during your Caribbean yacht charter.

caribbean-67886_1280Any luxury yacht charter of Martinique should also include a visit to the island’s colourful capital, Fort-de-France, which is rich in history and culture and a real melting pot of tastes and smells. Wander around its charming narrow streets full of African and European boutiques and stop at the many wonderful restaurants and cafes serving both Antillean and French fare.

Martinique is known as the island of ‘the never-ending summer’ with year-round sunshine and an average temperature of 79F – making it an ideal luxury yacht charter destination at any time of the year.

A particularly interesting time to visit the island on Caribbean yacht charter is in February when the Schoelcher Sailing Week takes place. February and March are also carnival season in Martinique, so another very good reason to go on luxury yacht charter at this time. Meanwhile in August the Yole Boat Races are held which is a great spectacle, not to be missed.

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