No Digital Detox on our Caribbean Yacht Charter

beach-84533_1280It has just been revealed that bespoke travel company Black Tomato has launched a ‘digital detox’ holiday package in the Caribbean to help people reduce their dependence on gadgets and technology.

The specially designed break in the Caribbean islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines is designed to separate travelers from their various electronic devices with services including a guide to ‘de-teching’. Guests can also book a session with a life coach.

Guests are flown to the Caribbean’s Young Island and Palm Island where the use of any sort of technology is discouraged on the beach. There are also no televisions, computers or tablets allowed in the rooms.

But aren’t holidays meant to be all about relaxation, and the pleasure in doing exactly what you want to do 24 hours a day? At least that is what we believe a luxury yacht charter should be all about.

All our Caribbean yacht charters are fitted with the state of the art technology meaning that should you wish to use your iPad to catch up on emails whilst on the deck of your luxury yacht charter, you may.

Alternatively should you wish to Facetime your family from the hot tub on board your luxury yacht charter, or watch your favorite football team on the big screen, you can.

And when you want to do nothing except unwind and enjoy your down time on your Caribbean yacht charter, our crew will also make sure that you are allowed the absolute privacy to do so, with your gadgets safely stored down below.

They will also book a session with a life coach if you so wish, who can travel on board your luxury yacht charter as many times as you require.

According to recent research, more than a quarter (26 per cent) of respondents said they spend more than five hours a day using technology, while nearly a third (31 per cent) revealed they took at least two devices on their last break.

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